Pro 10 Guardian

With a buoyancy of 60 newton PRO10 is the ideal safety companion for about anyone. It can lift a full grown man from 10 meters of depth but also doubles as a regular floating aid for either you or the rescue on the surface. All QS units are easily reloaded and is ready to be deployed again within minutes. Thanks to its small size when its uninflated multiple units can be carried in the same belt allowing for rescue and surface securing of multiple victims at the same time.

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Pro 20 Diver

With twice the buoyancy compared to PRO10. The diver version gets the job done when lifting capacity is the most crucial factor. It has buoyancy of 120 newton inflated and can be deployed at a depth of down to 20 meters. The built in check valve ensures a controlled ascent to the surface which makes it an ideal safety companion for rescue divers and for those who just needs a little more lifting power.

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*Custom order, min. 6 week lead time.


QS Torpedo

A safety solution aimed towards life guards working at beaches and public swimming facilities. It has a buoyancy of 60 newton. When used with the QS towing line it can be thrown to the rescue and will inflate when the life saver starts reeling it in. The towing line also allows the victim to be pulled to safety while the life guard swims with both hands, allowing for faster and less exhausting rescues.

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QS Belt

QS BELT can also be inflated by pulling the chord which triggers the CO2 cylinder to inflate the belt and is easily reloaded after use with a new CO2 cylinder and is ready to be used again in a few minutes. QS BELT is a inflatable rescue belt that is excellent when you want the sense of security and automatically inflates in three seconds when it comes in contact with water. Do not forget to order the Cartridge for automatically function. QS BELT has a 160cm long extended arm which you can use to pull up someone on the boat, bridge or from an ice wake and has enough buoyancy to keep a full grown man secured on the surface and is your perfect safety compa­nion for water sports, ice skating or if you want to bring a small and lightweight rescue device on your vacation.

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QS Leg Holster


A leg mounted holster.
Designed especially for divers or for those who prefer to wear their Quicksave on the leg.
Fits all QS units (PRO10, PRO20, Torpedo)
Can be attached to any QS Belt


QS Throwing line

(15, 50, 100 meters)

A throwing line packed in a red and yellow bag for maximum visibility.
It can be attached to the QS Padded Waiste belt and contains a yellow throwing line with a metal carbine hook at one end, that can be attached to the Quicksave to pull the victim in to safety.


QS Small holster

( 077811)

Fits any of QS PRO10/QS PRO20/QS Torpedo

Made of durable cordura with an included adjustable belt ( 077806).


QS Guardian Belt

accesorie to PRO10

Made for surface rescue swimmers, fire departments and anyone in need for a professional and extremly durable multi-function belt. It is ergonomically designed with padded surface on the inside allowing the user to wear it for long periods of time without discomfort and is easy to swim with.

It has five D-rings, two straps and a QS Belt mounted on it making it flexible and allows the user to attach various tools and equipment, including any of the QS Holsters

$149.89 ea

Safety Clips & Grease

QS Tef-Gel lubricant and 10 green safety pins, for QS Pro10 / QS PRO20 / QS Torpedo Contains QS Tef-Gel lubricant and 10 green safety pins.


Automatic Cartridge

Automatic Cartridge assecorie to QS BELT for an gives an inflation on three secounds.


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About Quicksave

Quicksave AB is a manufacturer of Professional Rescue Equipment for everybody working near, or in water. Quicksave AB product line of inflatable Rescue products are being used all over the world by firefighters, boat operators, search and rescue swimmers and Lifeguards. Certifications and current users follow, (email regarding QS Buoy or automatic (water activated) cartridge for the QS Belt)

Testing of Life-Saving Appliances:
MSC81(70), EN ISO 12401-9-2006/-
A1-2011 and EN ISO12402-5-2006/
A1-2011. Made by Force Technology, Copenhagen, Denmark.
US Patent: US 8951082 (Quicksave AB)

Coastguard: Sweden
Maritime Police: Sweden
Maritime Lifeboat institution: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Firefighters/Rescue Swimmers France, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland
Lifeguard: Spain, France, New Zeeland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.